About Vanessa

Vanessa Kandiyoti is a certified mindfulness and compassion teacher, jeweller and author with a law degree. In her debut book, The Jewel Process, she mixes her love of writing and story telling with her passions for empowerment and spirituality. Born and raised in Belgium, of Turkish origin, Vanessa lives in London where she gets to meet people from all over the world. She loves diversity and unity.


I love discovering the work of others and my current loves include:

Kelly Brogan MD: In her new book, Own Yourself, Kelly talks about mental health, diet, empowerment and how our emotions are there to tell us what is going on.

Robert Master Augustus: In his book, Spiritual Bypassing, Robert speaks about getting present to what is going on within and meeting our “shadow” side. This is the part we usually want to hyde, how about meeting it and listening to it?

Tara Brach: In her new book, Radical Acceptance, Tara shares different tools to start welcoming every part of our being.